Monday, July 30, 2007

Limited connection

Ironically, less than a week after I create a blog, I realize that I will not have the same easy access to the Internet I had while working at Hinson Church. I can no longer use the church's computer, as it is no longer mine for use. I am Internetless. While I was recently given a wireless card for Katie's outdated laptop, I have no Internet connection at my home, and probably won't be purchasing a connection any time soon. This will force me to get out a bit more often and see if this old laptop will connect with nearby cafes' wireless Internet. It does work with Portland's MetroFi wireless network, but only if I am outdoors and sitting almost directly under one of their wireless hubs.

So if posts become a bit more limited in the next few weeks, there is a valid reason! We're got limited Internet connections. Hopefully this won't slow me down with updating everyone on our lives!

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