Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Back from Washington...again

We had a much longer and busier visit this weekend in Washington. From the minute we arrived on Friday evening to the moment we left late Sunday night, we were always with people. It was great to see lots of people we love, but we're very tired from constant visiting with people.

Friday night, we ate dinner with my sister and some of her cohorts from OSBC. I got to know Travis, a very cool guy who is going to be serving OSBC's junior high group. Travis has a beard that I envy, is a creative graphics designer, and can definitely beat me up. I like him a lot.

On Saturday, Katie and my sister and I visited our friends Tim and Jill. For those who attended our wedding, Tim was the very funny, very bald groomsman. They recently moved into a much bigger house in Puyallup, which they were attempting to paint on Saturday. I say "attempting," because the weather in the Northwest can be emotionally unstable. It went from cloudy to sunny to complete downpour, all in about 4 hours. Painting a house does not work when it's raining, so we chilled inside with their son Gavin. Gavin is a genius 2-year-old who already knows the entire alphabet and is a fairly coherent conversationalist. I enjoyed playing with his stuffed lion and giving him high-fives and knuckles.

Sunday morning, I had the opportunity to speak to the high school youth group at OSBC. Here's a picture from my camera phone:

Don't they look enthusiastic!? I got to talk about servanthood and meeting people's needs. It was kind of surreal to be speaking to the youth group at my home church. These are some of the kids who were in elementary school while I was growing up! And now I'm speaking to them as young adults, watching them lead worship, and hearing about their enthusiasm to serve others.

On Sunday evening, OSBC hosted a worship gathering. This may have been both the most meaningful and most frustrating part of our weekend. My friend Joe organized and lead a worship gathering with about a week's notice, while also working two jobs. It was very hard to get a band together that had never played before, practice songs I had never heard before, and then have the Powerpoint stop working about 2 minutes before the gathering was supposed to start. Plus, I kinda got sick. They don't teach you how to deal with bowel distress while preaching in Bible college! It's hard to focus on teaching truths from Scripture and worshipping God when your insides are demanding a leave of absence from your body.

While it might have been a logistical nightmare, I believe people genuinely worshipped God from their hearts. I spoke on God's goodness, that His perfect justice and perfect mercy make Him a God worthy of our thanks and our obedience.

Maybe the Powerpoint wasn't great. Maybe the band sounded a little off-key. But people remembered and celebrated Jesus, so it was all worth it in the end. Thanks to Joe, for humbly leading at the last minute (and playing lots of wicked guitar riffs in the middle of worship songs).

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