Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Change of plans!

I received a phone call last Friday from Tim Vincent, my former youth pastor from Federal Way, WA. Tim had asked if I would speak at their upcoming high school waterski trip. I was definitely happy to oblige. But things didn't work out as well as Tim had hoped. The trip was cancelled. Tim said he has had to cancel only three events in his 20+ years of youth ministry. This was the third.

Tim and I are both very bummed, but we're making the best of the situation. I am going to be heading back up to Washington this weekend to play drums and share Truth at a worship gathering. It's going to be this Sunday evening at 7:00 pm at Our Savior's Baptist Church (my childhood church!). I've been talking a lot this week with my good friend Joe, who will be helping organize and lead the worship gathering.

Though I'm disappointed that the waterski trip didn't work out, I'm stoked to about this worship gathering! We'll be focusing on the goodness of God, trying to figure out the balance between His justice and His mercy. I'm also excited to play some worship songs originating from Mars Hill in Seattle that Joe has picked out. Some of the songs worship Jesus for His perfect justice and awesome righteousness with some imagery from Revelation. Not the usual warm-fuzzy-feeling songs! Should be interesting.

Plans change! Learning to be flexible.

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  1. Hey bro! First, I love you! I just said that in a sappy sister voice...I know, I know... I'll stop.

    I'm excited for you to talk! Reading through your blog...Mercy/Justice/His Perfect Justice: I personaly know/currently experiencing/learning first a "in your face" style.

    I have pages and pages of journals, feelings stored closely in my heart and current action Jesus is doing in my life now. I guess I'm trying to say, pray about it but I just want to remind you.

    I am here to help in any which way, or form. Even if it is just a task that is left over no one wanted to do!

    Love you so so much! I'm going to be praying hard core God will speak into your life as bluntly and quickly He has done in mine lately...I can't wait to hear you talk!