Friday, August 24, 2007

Flicks on the Bricks

Portland has an awesome event each summer called Flicks on the Bricks. They show free movies every Friday night in August on a giant inflatable screen in downtown Pioneer Square. Tonight is the last night until next year! They're playing Batman, one of the best comic book movies ever made from the 80s (which isn't saying much). Katie and I are going to meet up with Brian and his fiancee Kristy, two people we really like. You can't beat spending time with good friends watching a free movie on an inflatable screen!

Side note: I firmly believe that Batman is the coolest DC comic hero (Wolverine is the coolest Marvel hero). Yes, I can go from posting thoughts on emerging theology to who I believe is the "coolest" comic hero.


  1. I have to agree that Batman is the best. I love Batman. I mean, he doesn't have any super powers but is still a hero.

  2. I'm always torn between Batman and Superman when it comes to DC Comics. I mean, here you have one guy whose only power is knowing how to run a company and another guy from another universe who is invincible to anything except for one thing (well, two if you count women). As far as TV shows go, The Batman (animated series) hasn't been able to convert successfully. Smallville still holds up its own interesting side to the Supes young adulthood. And then you look at the movies and Batman Begins was far more entertaining to me than Superman Returns. In the end, I still can't pick a favorite. However, I'd feel safe being around either one.


  3. Cam-
    True, if TV shows is the defining factor, then Superman takes it (though the Adam West Batman could be one of the silliest--and therefore greatest--shows ever made). Though I don't want to analyze it too much and fall further into the spiral of nerd-dom.

  4. Hahaha... I must have to agree with you on the Adam West Batman. Was there anything that he DIDN'T have on his utility belt? You know, besides a good script.

    Oh, and I forget to mention that Spider-Man is my favorite Marvel superhero.