Sunday, August 5, 2007

Imago Dei

Today we visited Imago Dei Community here in Portland, Or. This is a church I have been anticipating visiting for a long time, as I have been greatly influenced by the writings of Donald Miller (Imago Dei member) and Rick McKinley (Imago Dei's founding pastor).

Imago meets in a high school, which made me wonder if it would be like meeting for a school assembly or smell like a gym. But Imago meets in Franklin high school's theater/auditorium, which brings to mind images of old theaters from the 1920s, with a large balcony and pillars.

The service was simple and humble; no flashy band or lighting, no over-the-top Powerpoint presentations. Katie and I were impressed at the diversity of generations and demographics in attendance. Church does not necessarily have to cater to one age-range or one demographic. In fact, having multiple generations united by Jesus and His mission for the world seems healthy to me. Luke Hendrix, one of the pastor-elders at Imago, preached about loving God and loving people from Matthew 22. Pretty simple message about how loving God is impossible if we are not loving the people around us (1 John talks about this a lot too).

I was really impressed with Imago Dei's missional values and their desire for the city of Portland to experience the love of Jesus. They have many opportunities for serving and promote creativity and imagination without being programmatic. This really resonates with me, as I believe the church should be the most creative and imaginative community of people on the planet. We are worshipers and image-bearers of the Creator; it seems we should be bearing His creative image more passionately.

I will probably attend next Sunday while my wife is out of town for a wedding. Hooray for church!

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  1. Hey Joel,

    Just thinking and praying for you and Katie as you are and will be experiencing so much life change in the near future. Joel, you are gifted in many ways and have so much to offer. I look forward to seeing what the Lord does with you life.

    Joel P