Wednesday, August 22, 2007

In the Great Outdoors

I am currently writing this post on the back porch of my house, sitting in the bright morning sun. Because the local wireless internet through Metro-Fi in Portland only works at a certain distance, I have to sit outside in order to check emails and write blog posts. I've enjoyed forcing myself to sit outdoors, as there is so much going on in my backyard. My small yard is home to bluebirds, the storehouse and battle grounds for a few squirrels, and the pooping zone for some neighbor cats. I don't regularly sit quietly outside and observe what's around me, so forcing my hand by having only outdoor internet has been a strange blessing. It's also been difficult to get online when it's raining. Computers and rain do not mix well.

I don't feel like it's "getting in touch" with nature. But it has been thought-provoking to see how much activity and life is happening in my backyard when I am sitting indoors, eating potato chips or watching a movie. God's creation is complex and alive, even when I am not aware of it.

Also, I feel somewhat peculiar sitting outdoors in a folding chair, with my laptop plugged in to an orange extension cord leading into my house (the laptop cord doesn't make it out the door), trying to position the computer in the shaded areas to protect from glare. It does look a little sketchy. I have gotten some curious looks from neighbors. Trust me, my wireless internet use is legit. My squirrel friends will back me up.


  1. I love the picture of the squirrel. It is awesome. I will miss you and Katie so much tonight.

  2. I liked the pictures too. Hopefully the word "pooper" is not too immature or offensive to anyone.

    I have a strange personality where I can go from thinking about philosophy and theology in one moment, and laughing at the word "pooper" in the next. My wife says I'm like a little boy and an old philosopher rolled into one man. She knows me well.