Monday, August 13, 2007

Job Search

Since this blog is mainly used to keep everyone in the know about what is going on in the life of the Maywards, I thought I would give a brief update of where I'm at with my job search. So far, I have sent my resume out far and wide to a variety of churches. At this point in time, I have been turned down by 6 churches and am still waiting for 3 or 4 churches to respond.

Lessons learned from my job search thus far:
  1. It can be painful to be rejected. It is hard to put myself out there only to be turned away. Most churches are not spiteful in turning me down; they just have a better option presented to them. Many churches look for over 3 years of full-time experience or seminary degrees. I don't have either of those qualifications...yet. (on a side note, it's interesting that many churches are only initially interested in the quantity of experience you've had, not the quality. A person can have 10 years serving in a 5000 member church, but only be a mediocre pastor and leader, with few lives changed. On the other hand a person can have only been an intern for 3 years in a church of 300, and be a visionary leader with enormous potential. Just an observation I have made in this process.)
  2. It only takes one church to say yes. Just like marriage, I only have to be hired and accepted by the one church that God has in mind for me, and be faithful to serve that community. I am trying not to be discouraged, but rather be patient and pray that God is preparing me for wherever I may end up.
  3. Resumes are fun. For whatever strange reason, I kind of enjoy communicating who I am, what I've experienced, and why I love Jesus and students in a creative and succinct way. It's not that I'm egotistical and enjoy listing all my "accomplishments." I simply enjoy words, so perhaps forming just the right phrase for a resume scratches my grammatical itch.
I am learning a great deal in this transition time. I am learning to be patient. I am learning to trust. I am learning to be proactive in my search for a church. If you hear of any awesome churches who are in great need of a young and passionate pastor to lead and serve their next generation, you know who to contact!

Further updates when I have more news to share!

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  1. I'll pray for you during your time for job searching. I'll be in a similar boat within the next several months.