Thursday, August 16, 2007

Musical marriage

Last night, Katie and I made music together for the first time. Before you get any weird ideas about what that might mean, it means we actually had the opportunity to play music as part of a band.

I posted a blog about my friend Ryan Lane and his album Waking for the First Time here. Ryan wants to perform his entire album in a concert setting. He asked me if I would like to play drums for the album, and I gladly said "yes." Ryan's album has a conglomeration of a lot of different sounds, including a string section, a recorder, a glockenspiel, and a saw (the saw sounds very cool. I have no idea how to play one). I told Ryan that my wife plays viola. One conversation later, and Katie and I are practicing with Ryan and his ensemble!

While I've played drums for almost 10 years, and Katie played viola from fourth grade until her senior year of high school, we've never had the opportunity to play together. I am super proud of my wife; she rocks on the viola.

I'll let everyone know when and where Ryan Lane's concert will take place as soon as I know details! Keep checking back, you're all invited!


  1. Katie
    It is awesome you play the viola. I think I once knew you played but I had forgotten.

  2. hey guys! how is cool is that! love it that you can play together.