Thursday, August 23, 2007

My new favorite black furry creature

My sister-in-law, Amanda, recently got a dog. I'm not sure what kind of dog it really is, but it looks like a smaller version of a black lab. Her name is Penny, and she came over to visit at our house last night (along with Amanda). I had to have some initial self-control with a dog running all over my house.

Katie and I are not really
pet people. It's okay if our friends and family own animals, because then we can go over and visit with their pets, but not have to feed them or clean up after them. All of the benefits, none of the hassle. That changes, however, when the pets come to your house.

Penny is actually a fairly self-disciplined dog. Even while playfully chasing me all over my house, she didn't knock over anything or relieve herself on our furniture. I like Penny very long as I never have to clean up after her.

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  1. I love dogs!!!! I think you can't be a true animal lover without having cleaned up after them. Missed you guys last night.