Tuesday, August 14, 2007

We have new/old furniture!

A large 600 pound box arrived at my house via semi-truck this afternoon. Inside was a very old, very high quality, probably very expensive bedroom set. My grandmother, Mary-Etta Mayward, passed away this past year. I inherited a bedroom set and some money for further schooling. Very excited about both!

The furniture was strangely shipped in one huge box. So a full-size bed frame, a large dresser, a bedroom desk with a mirror, an end table, and a small stool were all packaged in one container. The truck driver actually suggested I use a forklift! So I drove my imaginary forklift that I keep for just such occasions over and drove the 600+ pound box into my house. Not really. But I really do have an imaginary forklift.

There was a lot of cardboard and packing foam to clean up. My friends Brian and Zach were a huge help in carrying furniture, picking up garbage, and filling Hinson Church's recycle bin and dumpters with an incredible amount of packing material. It took repeated jumping, punching, and grunting to get it all in, but we succeeded. I am sure that the recycle pick-up guy will have fun with all that cardboard.

Now we have two bedroom sets for one bedroom. It makes for great slumber parties.


  1. That is awesome Joel! I love your blog!

  2. Joel, this is your sister. You got that money already?! Yes, I'm being a gold digger right now...no, I was just curios. That bedroom set sounds nice. I got three ji-normus boxes of china...pretty sweet.