Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Well, here goes...

I thought that I would try my hand at this blogging thing. Candace Staples encouraged me last night to give blogging a try, so here goes. I honestly cannot believe that today is August 1st. Joel and I are already almost a month into our second year of marriage, where does time go? Tonight is the first Wednesday night that we will not be at Youth Group at Hinson Church. It was one of the first things I thought about this morning when I woke up. If any of you Hinson Junior Highers are reading this, know that I will miss you very much.
Our life is a bit of an adventure right now, I am learning daily to have faith and trust in God to provide for our needs and give us guidance in our lives right now. I have to say that this is not something that I am very good at so this is a great learning experience for me. I am very excited about the adventure that I feel the Lord is leading us on. I am not one for change, those of you who know me well will know that, but I am truly excited for change at this point in life. Of course what that change is is completely unknown to us at this point, but we will be sure to keep you all updated. Thanks for reading my ramblings, I will try to continue to write so that you can get both of the Mayward's view on life at the moment.


  1. Katie! Oh I will miss you SO much tonight! Know that I will be praying for both u and Joel
    I love you guys!

  2. Katie-
    Love the post! You are the feminine side to this blog =). Very nice. Can't wait to see where this next adventure takes you....

  3. Hey Katie
    I haven't even been to church yet but I know that it will not be the same without you. What you wrote really helped me. I miss you both and will be praying for you.