Friday, September 28, 2007

Bachelor Planning

I am hosting a bachelor party this evening. My best friend, Brian, is finally getting married on Sunday. After all the preparation and planning, it's actually happening. Sadly, his wedding will also be the last time we will be living in the same city (at least for awhile), as he and his new wife, Kristy, will be on their honeymoon while we drive down to Arizona. It's a lot of big transitions all happening within one week.

I've never planned a bachelor party before. My bachelor party was...less than enjoyable for me. Brian had planned an evening of torment for me, including dressing up in a flight attendant's outfit and wandering around in public, having to breakdance outside of a movie theater, and eventually being handcuffed to a pole while me friends hurled eggs at me. (Sidenote: While eggs seems somewhat delicate and breakable, it has the same effect of getting pelted with rocks. Only stickier). I don't think Brian was the mastermind behind that evening, so I'm not holding it against him. Instead, I'm going to try to host an uber-awesome bachelor party for him in the hopes that he'll feel guilty for throwing eggs at me!

Not really. But I am planning for a good time. I can't give details, in case he reads this, but it will involve a large playground ball, sidewalk chalk, the worst movie ever made, and probably a lot of laughter.