Monday, September 10, 2007

Birthdays are for people who like to be alive

I am older now than I have ever been.

The above statement is wisdom I have learned since my birthday yesterday. I woke up yesterday around 7:45 am like a hyperactive kid on Christmas, demanding presents and french toast for breakfast. I spent the entire day hanging out with my wife, Katie, whom I love. I also had the opportunity to plays drums with my friend Kristy for Coram Deo Fellowship, then had dessert and great conversation with my friends Scott and Steph.

Here is a list of my spoils thus far:
  • Rainbow black leather flip flops from my wife.
  • An awesome city of Portland photography book from Brian and Kristy.
  • A new book, The Organic God, from Scott and Steph.
  • A ridiculous amount of money from my parents and in-laws, for which I am extremely grateful.
While getting stuff is kinda fun, I definitely enjoyed spending time with people I love more than getting presents. That sounds cliche, and like the "right" thing to say. Perhaps it's a cliche because it's true: spending time with people I love is far more meaningful and important than wearing flip flops. Unless those flops happen to be Rainbows.


  1. For a second there, I thought you got rainbow colored flip-flops. I didn't realize that you were talking about a brand. To wear rainbow colored flip-flops would be very brave of you.

  2. Happy 23 years and 2!!!!


  3. Cam-
    Rainbows are the best flips flops ever. Period. And they actually might make them in rainbow colors, I'm not sure.

    Thanks for being awesome and marrying my best friend!