Friday, September 14, 2007

Book Reflections: The Organic God

I learn a lot from reading. I know that our society is changing from a paper-culture to an electronic-culture. While I appreciate this trend--I love iPhones as much as the next guy--I am always impressed at how powerful literature is. God seemed to know this a long time ago when He revealed Himself to ordinary people to write down His words. That said, this is what I've been learning this week from reading The Organic God.

Margaret Feinberg is a new author/blogger to me, but I have already learned a great deal from her insights this past week. She writes passionately about a God she obviously knows well and is seeking to know better. She paints a picture of God as being wise and pure, beautiful and mysterious, kind and bighearted. I have been reading a number of "heady" academic books lately (you can just peruse the "Current Reading" list on the right to see what I mean) so reading this book was fulfilling. This is not to say that the shared insights were not intelligent or informed--they definitely were--but rather were communicated in a fresh and inspiring way that made me feel...the only word that comes to mind is delighted.

Some specific aspects I appreciated were Margaret's unmistakeable love for Scripture. These aren't just emotive reflections on an abstract personal concept of God. Rather, these are true reflections on the true God of the Scriptures that elicit deep movements in the heart. I will now have to purchase The Burning Word, a book about the Jewish practice of midrash she cited. I also appreciated her life stories, sharing a bit of her own journey with the Organic God. She is honest about ups and downs, and I value that authenticity.

I am learning that God is a good God who loves me a lot, which is doesn't make much sense when I look at my life. I guess that's where grace comes into play. This book was a good reminder to be actively listening for God's voice and to be paying attention to what He is doing in the world. I found myself reading a few chapters on my front porch, then running back into the house to find my Bible and read something about God with new eyes. At this point in my life, when there is so much transition and steps of faith into the unknown, it's good to know that God is bighearted and stubbornly loves me.

You can check out more of Margaret Feinberg's insights and writings here and here.


  1. Thank you for your incredibly kind and gracious words...I'm thrilled the book was a blessing and delight to you.