Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Feeling stressed, but looking good!

We're getting ready for our trip to Arizona today by doing lots of laundry and thinking through everything we need. We're checking our flight information, hotel information, car rental information...lots of information! We have maps of the greater Phoenix area and the city of Mesa. We have driving directions to the hotel from the airport, the hotel to the church, and anywhere else we need to go. Preparing these things ahead of time is a must: it's no fun to arrive in a new city and realize you have no idea how to get around! We also have a basic timeline for every day we're in Arizona: who we're meeting, where we're going, times for relaxing, etc. Preparation is key!

We're also planning our outfits. Yes, this sounds strange, but how we present ourselves--including our clothing--will all play a factor in this process. We can't be too casual; we also can't be too formal. I've already asked, and flip flops are okay! Doing a "job interview" for a junior high director position requires slightly different attire than, say, a job on Wall Street. Still, presentation is (almost) everything! While quality of character is clearly more important, how you present yourself to others can be a subtle display of character (i.e. confident, sloppy, all-business, casual, approachable, lazy, etc.)

I think the weightiness of this excursion is playing havoc with my insides: I'm feeling mildly ill and not sleeping too well at night. This could be due to stress. I'm not a doctor, but that's my diagnosis. Finding out we might be getting a new job, a new home, and essentially a new life in less than a week is a stressful endeavor!

We're uber-excited! We leave tomorrow!


  1. we are dang uber-excited too!! will call katie tomorrow- wanted to tonight but ran out of time. have been thinking lots about her and praying too in preparation! bring your running/hiking shoes in case we have time to hit pinnacle.
    see you soon!

  2. Good luck you guys. You will be awesome!