Saturday, September 15, 2007

Finally, a brand new drum!

I have been playing percussion for almost 10 years, and I've never owned a new drum. My entire drumset has been purchased piece-by-piece off Ebay. But things have changed! I celebrated a recent birthday by purchasing something I've been wanting for the past four years: a hand drum.

I began playing hand drums--mostly djembe--my freshman year of college, when a worship band leader asked me to play for an acoustic worship service. I agreed, without telling him that I had never played any sort of hand percussion in my life. But I tried it...and I loved it! I've added playing hand drums to my percussion tool belt, but have never actually owned one. I've always had to borrow from people, which is perfectly fine with me. I have no problem sharing instruments, but it does get difficult in last-minute situations. So I bought one!

I am the proud owner of a Remo Klong Yao, an Asian hand drum with incredible balance between high- and low-end notes. It has excellent sound projection (which means it's loud) and it looks pretty funky with a purple-colored wrap on the outsider. It comes with a shoulder strap, so I can play it standing up (or running around!). I am definitely pumped. Couldn't have got this without a very generous monetary birthday gift from my gracious father! Love you Dad!

If anyone needs any hand drumming, I'm your guy!

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