Sunday, September 2, 2007

Good times and good memories

Today we went to lunch with my aunt and uncle. This was the second time we have seen them in two weeks, which is quite impressive for my extended family! Two weeks ago we were in Seattle and met up with them for lunch at Duke's chowder house. We sat and chatted for over two hours and had an absolute blast! I had simply forgotten how much I love my aunt and uncle! Today they were down in Portland and we again met them for lunch, this time we went to the Marina Fish House, which is right on the water. We sat outside at the weather was incredible. We were basically eating on a dock, which always makes life fun because occasionally water would come up over the edge and we would all have to lift up our feet!
I was reminded today how important and incredible family is. My aunt and uncle have known me my entire life and have been an incredible support through out. They never had children of their own, instead they deeply loved me and my two siblings. It is exciting to see how they have added Joel to that, loving him as well. As we talked about life and my grandparents, I was reminded of how much I miss my Grumpy. He passed away just less than a year ago and I still deeply miss him. I am not sure that I ever had a bigger fan. I was always "Katie-Did" to him and will always remember the big bear hugs he would give. It made me reflect, that life is short. I truly want to appreciate the family that I do have. I have one grandmother left and she is an incredible woman. Older people have incredible stories, if you have never sat and listened, you should try it sometime. Grumpy always told stories, he wanted to make sure that I knew where I had come from, I will always be greatful for those stories.

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