Saturday, September 22, 2007

Hanging with Grandma

Yesterday was our "day off" from meetings, giving us an opportunity to check out the greater Mesa area. We also got to spend some time with Katie's grandmother. She lives about 5 minutes from our hotel here in Mesa. We enjoyed a nice homecooked dinner and long conversation. She talked a lot about her kids--Katie's dad and aunt--and about an upcoming trip she is taking to Europe. She is an energetic and feisty woman, and it was really good to hang out with her.

The possibility of moving down here would be a great opportunity to spend more time with her. There really isn't any other family in the area, so living in the same city would be a real blessing for her (and for us!) The church is about 10 minutes away from her home. Perhaps the blessings from this job opportunity are bigger than we can see at the moment! Perhaps God is working not only in our lives, but in the lives of our grandmother, our friends in the area, the church community, and the entire city of Mesa.

I'm willing to bet that He is.

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