Saturday, September 22, 2007

Late night musings

We spent much of our day just thinking and talking about our current life situation. We've weighed pros and cons, sought the wisdom of good friends, and asked God for guidance and wisdom. Definitely got burned out on thinking about big decisions, so we checked out of reality for 2 hours while watching Becoming Jane, a new film about Jane Austen's life. Not a bad film, but I'd recommend Pride and Prejudice if you're into Jane Austen. Which I'm not. Really. ...Or maybe I kinda am. For a guy.

ANYWAY, we've been asking ourselves some tough questions today. This is a HUGE decision that involves a new job, a new home, new friends, new culture, etc. Change is hard. But we're excited about what the future holds and where God is leading us. Tomorrow is a big day in our decision-making process. I'll be teaching the junior high students in the morning, then meeting with all the elders for a lunch meeting. Then we fly back to the green-and-gray Northwest!

Please be praying for us tomorrow. It's gonna be a big day!

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