Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Missional Drumming

Just got back home from a drum lesson with a Hinson Church middle school student! Morgan is a rockstar drummer who helped lead worship with the middle school worship band while I was the director. She has natural talent and an awesome attitude, making her the perfect drum student! We've built a solid, healthy friendship over the months of practice, and it's awesome to see her mature in her spirituality as well as her drumming skills. Someday when she's playing for the next U2 and making millions of dollars, hopefully she'll remember her middle school drum teacher in the "thank yous" for her platinum-selling album!

It's been a privilege to build relationships with youth through teaching them how to play the drums. It's awesome to use my personal passions and talents to love people for Jesus! Why not take what you already love and live it out intentionally and missionally? If you play drums, teach lessons with a student, lead a drumming workshop at a camp or conference, start a band with some neighbors, etc.

What are some other ways to be intentional about using passions and talents to love others like Jesus?


  1. Hey Joel
    Morgan is an awesome drummer, I must agree. I miss hearing you drum at youth group. I think she will remember you in her thank yous. I miss you and Katie a ton.