Thursday, September 27, 2007

A Pleasant Coincidence

Last night, I drove down to Oregon State University to help lead worship for Campus Crusade with some guys (Jon and Chris--from the Japan tour!-- and Caleb and Ian). I played on some of the worst drum hardware I've ever seen. It's equipment with character. That means you have to wrap it several times in duct tape for it to work properly, and there's always a chance it could simply fall apart halfway through a song. I used only one cymbal the entire time and duct-taped the bass drum to the floor so it wouldn't slowly crawl away every time I kicked it.

ANYWAY, the highlight of the trip was seeing an old friend from Multnomah Bible College. I was an RA at Multnomah my sophomore year, and my friend Josh was a freshman in my dorm section. Josh and I were pretty close back then. Then I got married and he went to OSU for an engineering degree. We just kinda parted ways. I haven't seen the guy in over two years, then he just shows up in the third row at the worship gathering!

Most of the time when you see someone you used to hang out with, but haven't talked to in a few years, it's pretty awkward. How are you supposed to catch up on everything that has happened since the two of you last spoke? This wasn't the case with me or Josh--we have too casual of personalities to care about the social mores in that scenario. It was refreshing to see an old friend.

You have to wonder about those coincidences. Was I the person that Josh needed to see this week? Was our meeting a moment of encouragement that changed us and shaped our lives? Was it just a moment to catch up on a forgotten time of life that needed to be remembered? What was God doing in our midst? Not sure about the answers to those questions, but I do know that I will be keeping up with Josh and hope that our paths cross again soon.

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