Monday, September 10, 2007

Some new insights from Margaret Feinberg

I found these posts today from Margaret Feinberg, an author and speaker. I was recently reflecting on some books I've been reading about women in ministry, and wrestling with what I believed. Margaret's insights were like a breath of fresh air for my thoughts. After being labeled "egalitarian" in a book review, she pondered how important those labels and beliefs really are:

"I guess because these seems like such an eensy, teensy issue compared to what the church is facing today. More than 40,000 children die in third world nations each day, smog paints our major cities into a dingy haze, inner city neighborhoods are plagued by poverty, crime, and fear, and people are worried about whether or not they're 'comp' or 'ega.'"

Definitely a good reminder that this is a secondary-yet-important issue. I say secondary, because it shouldn't be something people end up dueling over, nor is there an entirely clear-cut answer. I also say important, because these beliefs can affect our implicit views of men and women--how much we value and love each gender--in the church and beyond.

You can read more of Margaret's posts on women in ministry here.


  1. It is amazing how we can focus on minor issues sometimes, huh?!

  2. Eric-
    It's so easy for me to overthink issues, which can sadly lead to being overly critical. Sometimes it takes a gentle reminder of what's REALLY important--i.e. loving Jesus and loving people--for me to get back on track and focused.

  3. I'm glad the comments were encouraging to you. I was asked to speak on this topic at National Pastor's Conference and decided to do some research--boy, I had no idea what I was stepping into. The issue is so personal for people. It reminds me of the 2004 election. Voting for many people was so personal, I never remember such heated discussions for previous elections...

    Through the online discussion, I realized how little I had really really wrestled with the issue. I guess I look at the world and think "All hands on deck!"

    Hopefully, though, with the help of my brother and sisters, we'll find some way to focus on the primary issues as you so eloquently put it. Blessings to you :)

  4. Margaret-
    Thanks for your insights and honesty. I've been reading The Organic God this week, and will probably share what God has been teaching me through your writing and Scripture in the days to come.