Saturday, September 15, 2007

Squirrels are our friends

I have befriended a squirrel. Actually, it is more like he befriended me (I assume it is a "he"). Because the wireless internet doesn't make it through our old house's walls, I have to sit outside on our back porch to check emails and update the blog. As I do this, many of the friendly woodland creatures in the neighborhood do their business in my back yard. A gray neighbor cat comes up to me every day for some neck rubs, and usually tries to get into my house. A blue bird usually hops around the yard eating bugs. And now a squirrel has made my back yard his storage facility.

He shows up with some sort of food item--usually a nut--and tries to find a decent spot to bury it. It's pretty funny watching him try to remember where he buried previous nuts. It kind of defeats the purpose of "saving it for later" if you can't remember where you stored it. What's the point of storing up for winter if you can't find your nuts?

ANYWAY, while I was checking Netflix this morning, I hear a noise and feel something on my foot. This squirrel had silently come up to the porch and was investigating whether my toe was edible. He kind of freaked out when I moved and he realized that the toe was attached to a creature much larger than him. He seemed to stay nearby me for awhile, so I did what any normal kindergartner would do for a woodland creature who looked hungry: I went inside to get him some Doritos.

Upon my return, the squirrel had left. But my Dorito offering remains on the porch. We'll see if he takes it. I hope he does, because I don't really like Bleu Cheese Doritos, and I'd feel bad if we wasted half a bag.

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