Wednesday, September 12, 2007

This is big and important and very very cool news

I have been unemployed now for well over a month, having left Hinson Church at the end of July. I've been turned down by nearly every church I have applied at, which has been discouraging. But this piece of news is a bright glimmer of hope.

There is a ministry opportunity that has arisen in Mesa, Arizona. My friend and mentor, Mark Staples, is the student ministries pastor at Red Mountain Community Church in Mesa. Their junior high pastor has recently transitioned into a new position overseeing a large building project they are starting this fall...which means they need a new junior high pastor. Mark has been talking with me about this opportunity for the past few weeks. I have filled out a leadership questionnaire and had a phone interview with the executive pastor. Both of those experiences went very well, and I really respect the executive pastor in this process.

A week from today, Katie and I will be flying down to Arizona to check out Red Mountain, talk with the pastors, elders, and youth staff, and go through an interview/candidating process that could potentially end with an offer to be the director of junior high ministries. If all goes well, we could be beginning this new ministry in early October!

This is a huge step of faith for us. The mixture of emotions Katie and I are feeling are astounding. We are excited, anxious, saddened, eager, worrisome, confused, frustrated, and joyful. All at the same time. I am so excited about the possibility of doing ministry with someone I love and trust (Mark), but at the same time I'm deeply saddened to be leaving our family, friends, and the city of Portland that we've grown to love.

God seems to be leading us in this direction, and I trust Him with everything I am. Once again, I relate our journey to Abraham. He had to take great steps of faith, leaving behind everything he knew to go to a desert he had never known before. We are following in Abraham's footsteps, trusting that God is sovereign and good and loving and knows exactly where He wants us.

Please be praying for us, as we step into the unknown and trust God with our lives!


  1. COOL!! I never knew all this!!! Oh nevermind, I am super excited for you both! Great new picture on the blog! Also, thanks for the feedback, i pondered those things and have come to an agreement with you in those matters. It truly is saddening to hear about peoples hurts and pains from other churches and those leaders in the churches... I only hope that your future church helps provide hope and healing to all people through Jesus! You the man!

    Thanks for your thoughtful consideration!

    Oh yeah, did you read that i was reading a heretic?? just kidding, but odd...


  2. So, now that I'm moving back to the Pacific Northwest, you might be moving down here to the Southwest? I get it, you just never want to see us. I see how it is.

    In all seriousness, I'm excited for the both of you. It's definitely a big leap from your family and and most of your friends. However, Mesa is next door to Phoenix and that's definitely a city that can keep you busy. If you do end up moving there, maybe Bethany and I will drop by with the baby on our drive back up to WA.

    Good luck and I'll be prayin' for ya!