Monday, October 22, 2007

.......and we're back...again

Just got home from the weekend that was the San Diego Youth Specialties convention 07. What a trip! I'm too tired and scatterbrained to post anything coherent about my experience, but that will definitely happen later this week. Right now, it's just time to chill and not do anything. But I'll definitely post something about what I've learned and how God used this experience in my life!

So I have traveled over 1000 miles away from the familiar to a new home, new church, new ministry, then led a road trip with 200 students and staff to Six Flags Magic Mountain, then headed to a national youth worker convention, all within the matter of about 3 weeks.

I'm either crazy, or I'm going to be soon.


  1. Oh Joel you won't go crazy! You are too amazing for that! You led trips with about 30 middle schoolers with only 6 or so staff. OK so it's a little different but the trip to Black Lake was an awesome one.

  2. I think you are Awesome!

  3. Scott and anon-

    Wow, thanks for the encouraging words!