Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Building a team

One of my goals this first year as junior high director is building a solid leadership team. While the current team is great, there is not the greatest staff-to-student ratio. I was reading this article by Eric Bryant today, which was very helpful in my thought process. We have a lot of students attending, but not enough staff to effectively connect with students and create a healthy community rooted in Christ's love. It's easy to just get a warm body to just "show up" at a youth gathering; it's much more challenging to build a solid team of servants who are equipped to love students well.

I'm really excited to build a healthy and equipped leadership team who can make disciples. Bryant talks about people wanting to do something significant. I can't think of anything much more significant than discipling young people and guiding them in their relationship with Jesus.

1 comment:

  1. The relationships between the staff and the students is so important. Like with you and Katie I really wanted to get to know you and just hang out and it was cool when we got to do that. Katie impacted my relationship with God so much. Thanks both of you for being awesome.