Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Church Office

Sure, it's not an original idea. But the video we made for the junior high leadership change at Red Mountain is pretty darn good for only 3 hours of goofing off.

Check out the video here.


  1. Joel
    That is an awesome movie! I love it!

  2. Holy Cow! That was amazing! Make a new one every week and I will totally watch it! But only if you promise that Brian and I get to be in at least one episode. :) You make a perfect Jim. Whose idea was it to make it?

  3. Kristy-
    We kind of just came up with it together while brainstorming for a goofy junior high video. Tony (the Michael character in the video) is a stellar video editor and made it look really good.

  4. I want more Joel/Jim/Tim!

    The funniest part was when he comments on your tie and then cuts to you with having absolutely nothing to say.