Monday, October 8, 2007

First Day: Good Times

For most new occupations, you feel a slight and/or major sense of inadequacy for the first few days on the job. Today was my first day as junior high director for Red Mountain Community Church. I felt a dual sense of anxiety (how am I supposed to do all this?!) and excitement (sweet, I get to do all this!). I attended the most refreshing pastoral staff meeting I have ever attended. No wasted time. No one checked out. It wasn't long and tedious. Just good philosophical-yet-practical discussion about how to be a good leadership team. (The conversation was based on Patrick Lencioni's The Five Dysfunctions of a Team, which I fortunately read during my season of unemployment. Excellent book on building a solid team based on trust and common vision).

I'm working with my good friend Mark, the new Student Ministries Pastor at Red Mountain. We had some solid conversation today about where the youth ministry is headed, what I can be focusing on for the next year, and how we're planning on taking 200 students to California in 3 days. Definitely just jumped in head first on this one.

I am impressed with the leadership at Red Mountain. I appreciate their balance. They balance excellence with grace. They seem to balance personal time and ministry time. They balance relational commitments. They balance seriousness and humor. Good leaders have a good sense of balance; they don't lean way too far in one direction. (Unless that direction is being more like Jesus). I am really looking forward to serving alongside this team and learning from them as we grow together and serve together as the body of Christ.

First day evaluation: it was a good day. Looking forward to the days and weeks to come!

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