Monday, October 15, 2007

I Heart Heroes

I've been watching the first season of Heroes recently. This show is extremely interesting to me because it taps into both the spiritual and the scientific, the realistic and the fantastic. There is a lot of evolution/genetic talk, but also a lot of emphasis on destiny, fate, and a calling to save the world. I love stories that have lots of connections between character As a youth pastor, there are tons of spiritual moments that could be used as teaching references or open up a spiritual conversation. There is a big emphasis on mission and salvation--saving the world--that the church could learn from. I love Hiro's character; his passion for his mission is something I am learning from. I haven't seen any of season two yet--still trying to finish season one--but I've been really impressed thus far.

Definitely taking the afternoon off today to watch Heroes and recover from a crazy weekend! Maybe I'll be inspired to save the world!


  1. Yay! Welcome to the world of Heroes. I'm glad you like it. Hiro is also my favorite character and definitely the power that I would want if I could have it. Although, there is a new hero with a new power in this second season that I think I really like a lot too. We'll see.

  2. we are just getting into this show too. Our favorite this season. It is so creative. Love that!