Wednesday, October 17, 2007

I vote for marriage

My wife and I had a mini-date last night--we went out to the movies. There is a huge Harkins theater about 5 minutes from our new home in Mesa, so we though we'd check it out. It can be difficult for Katie and me to agree on which movie is worth spending almost 20 bucks to see in theaters, but we agreed on seeing Tyler Perry's Why Did I Get Married? Never seen anything from Tyler Perry before, so I went in with few expectations. It turned out to be a powerful movie about the struggles of marriage with some deep truths about relationships and self-sacrifice.

The film focuses around four married couples, each with their own issues and hurts. Each marriage centered around each individual's selfishness or selflessness and their willingness to be honest with one another. One couple in particular--Shelia and Mike--have an extremely destructive relationship. Katie and I found ourselves getting pretty fired up about Mike being a jerk, which probably means we were emotionally drawn into the film.

The film inspired a solid conversation about marriage between me and Katie. Being in our second year of marriage, we want to build a good foundation of trust, honesty, and selflessness. It was really interesting to watch these couples-on-film deal with true-to-life issues in healthy and destructive ways. I can see this film being used as a good discussion starter for couples.

Great film for any couple to get a conversation started! And a good mini-date for me and Katie!


  1. i got a suggestion for you, don't go to harkins, its too expensive, go to cinemark, its at the 202 and dobson road, much cheaper and its nicer!

    and now you can read my blog too.