Sunday, October 7, 2007

An inspired personal blog post

I own a mailbox that was originally owned by the Humphreys family of Kent, WA. It somehow came into my possession, and I now use it to store broken drum sticks and cymbals. I play the drums pretty hard, so I break sticks all the time. Every once in awhile, I'll even destroy a cymbal. I have kept nearly all of my broken sticks for the past 10 years in this mailbox. My wife wonders why I keep an old mailbox filled with broken sticks around. I tell her, "It's my mailbox." Enough said.

My mailbox will soon reside in my new office at Red Mountain Community Church.

This blog post was inspired by "Kandace Staplers," a fellow lover of all things mailbox.

Disclaimer: some of the names on this post have been changed to protect the innocent.


  1. oooh so funny =). but what's even funnier is your mailbox! poor poor katie (sigh).

  2. i don't know why...but this story almost made me cry...i guess it just seemed all sweet and nostalgic which made me feel all emotional which led me to remembering you're not in the same state anymore! :(

    We miss you guys so much already...but we're so proud of you too!

    -Kristy Humphreys

  3. k.s.-
    I will definitely have a picture of the mailbox, just for you!

    We miss you too. i definitely was teary-eyed the other night, missing you two. Looking forward to when you come down!