Friday, October 5, 2007

Interesting Sights on the Road Trip

There was a billboard near the freeway with a man progressively morphing into a monkey, with the question, "Are they making a monkey out of you?" I like monkeys, so I was amused. It had a website, so I checked it out. It turned out to be a website refuting evolution and Darwinism. I also saw a billboard in a field with the picture of a large bleeding forearm. Above the bloody appendage was the phrase "He bled for your sins...."

Both of these billboards interested me because they were likely created by Christians. This caused me to think, "How are these billboards affecting the perspective of those yet to believe towards Jesus and the church?" If I had no concept of the basics of Christianity, what could I think if I saw a bleeding arm with a vague phrase about someone bleeding for me? Would I connect that with Jesus, or just think someone was being morbid? Would I rethink my beliefs about evolution based on a well-made billboard involving monkeys? I'm not sure of the answers, but I wondered about the motivation for creating a "Christian" billboard, and whether the billboard-methodology promotes that motivation. Is it motivated by sharing the Gospel with a world that needs some good news? Is it just a "cool" new Christian thing to do? I wonder how many people have chosen to follow Jesus after seeing a billboard. I pray that some have.

On a lighter note, there was also a porta-potty in the middle of an empty California field. I wondered who took the time to put it there, let alone use it.

And we're off again for more driving! We may not be posting much for a few days since we won't have Internet in our new apartment for awhile. But thank you for your prayers as we make this journey to Arizona.

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