Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Jesus is fun

Tonight at our Wednesday night gathering, we combined the 5th/6th grade crew with the junior high. Many of the 5th/6th grade youth staff are high school students. So basically, I had 5th through 12th grade students all together.

What can unite such a diverse crowd?

Answer: Jesus. And finger blasters. But mostly Jesus.

We set up lots of different barriers in our church's gym using regular tables and chairs. Then we split up into somewhat even teams, placed a kiddie swimming pool filled with candy in the center, gave each student 2 blasters, explained the rules, made the object "get the candy," and yelled go. Talk about chaos. But it was gloriously fun. We even had a few parents steal some blasters and join in the frenzy.

I am absolutely convinced that Jesus is the most fun person in history. After all, He is the Creator of all that is good. Which means He created laughter. And smiles. And the duck-billed platypus (silliest creature ever). While we tend to think of God as a serious character, Scripture says that He dances over His children and loves us immensely. I think we forget that God is the source of joy and the creator of laughter. I think God was laughing as He watched us tonight.


  1. Yeah! I am with you! Four years later, but... somebody is still reading your blog. And Jesus invented DELIGHT. And he delights in us! How cool is that!