Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Job and weekend update

This past weekend I went on a women's retreat, really my first ever official women's retreat. I am very glad that I went, it was a great opportunity to meet more women from the church. I got to put a lot of faces with names that I already knew and I met many mothers of Junior High students and got to share with them a little about myself and about Joel. I think that this made them feel more comfortable with the transition that is happening for their children right now. I also got to get to know some of the younger married women better. Overall, it was a great trip. But I, just like Joel, I am glad to be home because it feels like we have been living out of a suitcase for the last month or so.
On the job front. The official count on applications/resumes sent out as of this morning is sixteen. I will probably to two or three more today though. That seems to be the pattern, two or three a day. I also have my first interview today, it is just a phone interview, but that is a step in the right direction. It is at 1pm today, so if any of you read this and think, you can pray! Thanks everyone, and I will definitely be keeping you updated on what is going on with jobs!


  1. Hi Katie!! I was thinking about you this past weekend as you were at the retreat! Sounds like it went well--I'm so happy for you! I'll keep praying for you for the job situation! I definitely know what that feels like!! We miss you guys!!!
    Love, Stef

  2. Yuck....job hunts are nooo fun. I'll pray for your interview today, and that the Lord gives you a job you can thrive in and really enjoy. :) Good Luck!