Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The job hunt...

I have been searching for a job off and on for about a week now. I know that this is not very long compared to a few friends of mine that searched for a lot longer. I am definitely finding that it is harder that I imagined. So far I have applied for four jobs. I am trying to find jobs that I can work normal hours during the day. I am not that stoked about retail and I would never see my husband or be able to be involved in the youth group if I worked most evenings and weekends. We just got our high speed internet and our cable yesterday so that is making the job search easier. I am kind of afraid that the cable will make me lazy though =) Anyway this is the latest update from the life of Katie. Not that interesting I know. If you want to, pray that I find a good job. Thanks!
On a side note, Scott and Stef we miss you guys too!


  1. Hi KT - It's Melissa (Lee's wife) from church and I tracked you down from Mark and Candace's blog =) We will be continually praying for you on the job front - I know it is hard to wait and be patient. Make sure you let me know if you want to look into the credit union/bank option at all and I can hook you up.... =) Looking forward to seeing ya this weekend on the retreat and getting to know you even more! Oh yeah, one more thing - Lee said that he saw you at third service so if you ever need a pal to sit with, you can join me up in the front if you'd like. Usually I'm by myself too! Okay, talk to you later!

  2. woohoo for being in the same boat...except exactly opposite! lol...that made no sense :o]

    good luck with all things job related...i have no idea how you and joel manage to live on one salary...tips, please! seriously...read my blog, you'll see why.


    p.s. from my past week of experience, cable really does make you lazy :o] beware!

  3. Katie
    You and Joel have been a part of my prayers and will continue to be part of them. I love you both and miss you.