Monday, October 8, 2007

My first Monday morning in Mesa.

I am sitting at my dining room table with the sun streaming in the window as I drink my coffee. I thought that I should write about the past few days of our lives. After a really long day of packing and saying goodbye to my four closest friends in Portland (yes it was goodbye after goodbye, four of my six bridesmaids live in Portland) Joel and I bedded down for the night on our hard empty floor and tried to get as much sleep as possible to be refreshed for our next few long days. Thursday morning we woke up around 4 am and were on the road by 5:30. We made incredible time in Oregon. By about 9:30 we were just outside of Roseburg. By about 12:30 we were accross the border into California and almost to Redding. I think I got excited at this point because it seemed like we were making good time. Then, just north of Sacramento we hit really bad traffic, it was just simply road construction and it really could have been done at night and not in the middle of the afternoon. We pulled into our hotel just north of LA that night at about 9:30, this was only about a half an hour after we had aimed for, so we were happy.
Friday morning we woke up and prepared ourselves for more of the same. We were on the road by about 9am and pretty much cruised through LA, we had been told that we were not smart by staying so close to LA because of traffic, but the only traffic that we encountered was when some insulation fell of the back of the truck and cars slammed on their brakes trying to dodge it. I learned something important about California drivers on this drive through Cali. The best thing to do when they are driving erratically is to keep going the same speed and stay in the same lane. If you try to get out of the way, inevitably you will end up getting in their way.
We pulled into Phoenix, AZ around 4:30, but hit some traffic as we were going through the city. We arrived in Mesa and at our new home at around 5:30 which was just in time because the apartment building office closed at 6pm and we needed to turn in a check and grab our keys.
The next part was a whirl wind of people helping us unload the truck. Mark met us at our apartment with pizza, which was great because we had not eaten much on the drive. We did not want to waste time stopping to eat so we just had a lot of snack food and drinks in coolers in our cars.
Friday night, Saturday and Sunday was filled with setting up our house. Joel kept trying to get me to stop and just chill, but I couldn't. Once I start I cannot stop! I needed my house to be all set up! First I attacked the kitchen, it seemed like the most logical choice. So Friday night I got the kitchen done. Joel and a new friend from Red Mountain set up our bed so that we would have somewhere to sleep. Saturday morning we started attacking the guest bedroom and bathroom. Joel and I went shopping on Saturday to buy things for our bathroom because we decided to put all of our old bathroom things in the guest bathroom. I loved what I found as we shopped. At first I was frustrated, but then I had a vision and it all came together. The rest of the house came together as we began to unpack each box.
Now, I am recovering, I have been fighting a cold I think and I am trying to not let it become full blown. I am also on the job hunt. I am not positive what I am looking for, so that always makes things difficult. So if any of you are wondering what you can be praying for, here are a few things. First of all, Joel started his new job today. Pray that he gets settled quickly. Pray for our next few weeks as they are a little busy, we will be gone the next two weekends. Also, pray that the Lord opens some doors for a job for me. If I go too long without a job I am going to be pretty bored and will start going crazy. Thanks everyone for your support during this huge life change for us. We ask ourselves nearly everyday, "did we really do this?". Mesa is now officially our home. Now we get to begin changing our address on everything and figuring out how to get AZ licenses.

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  1. Kstie I knew you would not sleep on the floor of you new apartment nor rest untill your little nest was a pepared You are to cute Peggy