Wednesday, October 3, 2007

No surprise about the weather

Appropriately, on our final day in Portland, it rains. It is gray and cold and very very wet. This is probably what it feels like to live in a cloud. A cloud with a city of Portland inside it. Near the ground. So more like fog.

ANYWAY, today is packing day. That means I leave to get a U-Haul truck in about 15 minutes, then bring it back and stuff it with all of our worldly possessions. I used to work for a moving company where we would show up to people's homes and do this kind of thing for them. So, in a way, I'm kind of excited to see if we can pack everything in a 17 foot truck. It's a challenge. Then it will be strange to spend the night in a completely empty version of our house. It's already odd to see all our stuff in boxes; it will be even more odd to spend the night on our living room floor in our own home!

I will try to enjoy my final day of cloudy grayness, as these will be few and far between at our new home.

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