Monday, October 15, 2007

Revealing my inner nerd

I love Scrabble. Not just "casually enjoy" Scrabble. It's more like "hopelessly-and-passionately-devoted-to" Scrabble. So when my best pal, Brian, challenged me to an online Scrabble game through Facebook, I was hooked. I've been playing Scrabulous on and off this past week, and it's uber-fun. I definitely beat some girl from Ontario, Canada yesterday. Right now, I'm playing some guy from Manchester (UK). You get to meet nerds from all around the world!

My love for Scrabble comes from a deep appreciation for language, words, and communication. I read a lot, and I love improving my vocabulary. I've even added Word Wars--a documentary following hardcore Scrabble fanatics--in my Netflix queue. All this probably makes me a certified nerd. However, I anticipate a day when my Scrabble skills will come in when someone is asking for a two-letter word for "tree sloth" and I quickly respond "ai."

If you're on Facebook, I welcome a Scrabulous challenge!


  1. Wow... you really are a nerd now. First Heroes and now Scrabulous? Now, you just need to watch some Bleach and you'll be certified.

  2. go to the scrabble website and use thier dictionary while playing. It is a great way to find obscure words...and win