Tuesday, October 9, 2007

The Second Day: Even Gooder

I came into the office this morning around 8:30. I guess that's out of the ordinary for youth ministry pastors at Red Mountain. I told them I was trying to make a good first impression and I'll get lazy after about a month. Today was paperwork day, so I had to sign lots of important documents for a long time. Not exactly what I love doing, but it's gotta be done so we can keep everything legal and accountable!

I also had lunch with Tony, the former junior high pastor-turned-executive/business/facilities pastor/director guy (I don't really know what his new title is). Tony is a very funny guy who is excited about his new role. He has been a huge encouragement in this time of transition. When the former pastor of a ministry stays at the same church, it can be awkward for the new leader to step in. It can make for a difficult transition. This has not been the case at all with Tony; he's been nothing but helpful, encouraging, and friendly. He shared the glory of Filiberto's with me for lunch today, where I downed an Arizona burrito. I am still full.

Tomorrow night is my first Wednesday nigh youth group since I began here at Red Mountain. I've visted twice now, but this time I'm actually kinda in charge. I'll be leading games and announcements, while the uber-awesome junior high intern Gus Rubio will be teaching. He was already planning on it, and I'm still playing catch-up since I moved here 4 days ago. I'm excited to hear Gus teach, and I'm stoked to play some sweet games with these new students.

I love youth ministry! Really excited to be back serving full-time in church ministry, pointing people to Jesus and having a blast doing it.


  1. dude, welcome to the rarified and wonderful world of junior high ministry. it's a beautiful place to be!

  2. Marko-
    Thanks for the encouragement! Definitely stoked to be pointing these junior highers to Jesus. And I'll be at the Youth Specialties conference in Cali next week, so that's a bonus too! Looking forward to some of your middle school workshops.