Thursday, October 18, 2007

We are now Arizona residents!

This morning we made the trek to the Arizona DMV (which they actually call the MVD). We filled out the application and provided all the necessary documents to receive our new licenses. That whole process was pretty painless. Though interesting fact, you need more documentation in AZ to get a license than in Oregon. Oregon is one of 8 states left that do not require proof of citizenship to get a driver's license. Therefore they are in a bit of trouble with Homeland Security I guess. So our Oregon driver's license was not enough identification for them, they also had to see our birth certificates or passports. Luckily, I had thought ahead and brought all of the identification that I could think of.
The harder part of the DMV experience was getting Joel's car changed to AZ title and registration and putting new plates on it. I guess the lady had to call Washington for some reason which took about a half an hour. His title was branded in Washington I guess and therefore they had to call there. My Oregon title says my car is branded in Missouri, so I am definitely going to have to plan ahead and give myself enough time for them to call Missouri when I take my car to get a new title and registration. I think that I am going to do that next week.
I have to get packing, I am leaving for a women's retreat tomorrow and Joel will be on his way to San Diego for the Youth Specialties Conference. He is also taking me on a surprise date tonight... so I am excited for that as well.
I now know how Joel felt for the two months that he was with out a job. Except for he had a few really good guy friends that he spent a lot of time with. I have applied for 9 jobs so far, there is a wide variety of companies amongst them. Tomorrow morning I am going to have coffee with my old friend Shanna who lives down here now. She and I grew up together and our mom's are very good friends, it will be nice to catch up.

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  1. yeah! Arizona residents!! Zane wants to say "I am so happy that they come here because I love them." Ivana doesn't want to say anything =) but she does want to talk to Auntie Katie after she eats.