Wednesday, November 21, 2007

A Cliche Thanksgiving Post

After some reflection on the past year, here's what I'm thankful for:

Music - After having not played the drums for awhile, I find that I am increasingly thankful for every opportunity I get to make music with others.

The Sun - I didn't really know it existed, but there's actually a giant ball of fire about 90 million miles away that is pretty prevalent here in Arizona that makes it easier to get out of bed every morning. On the other hand...

The Rain - I am thankful for the rain that brings growth, greenery, and a pretty amazing smell of freshness.

Friends - I am increasingly thankful for having people who know me through and through, whom I can trust. One of the hardest parts of moving to Arizona has been leaving behind some solid friends. I am excited about forming new friendships here, but there is something about having friends with whom we have shared so much life experience.

RMCC - The community at Red Mountain has been a huge blessing to me and my wife. This job is definitely an answer to prayer.

Junior High Students - They can be some of the most insightful, funny, and potential-filled people you will ever meet. Getting to hang out with them all the time is a huge privilege.

Vitamin Water - I like the lemonade one the most.

Technology - While there is definitely a dark side to technology, without cell phones and text messaging and Facebook and satellites and wi-fi and this silly blog, I could not stay connected to some of the people I love most who are separated from me by physical distance. I love getting text messages from my brother-in-law; I love playing Scrabble online with my best friends in Portland; I love knowing that my family reads this blog religiously. Hooray for electricity!

My Wife - This sounds obvious, but I am more and more convinced that she is the most amazing woman I'll ever know. We've had quite a year since last Thanksgiving, with graduating from college, working stressful full-time jobs in Portland, being unemployed for awhile, and moving to Arizona. I couldn't imagine anyone else I'd want to experience all that with!

God - For making all of the above possible.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. happy thanksgiving! we look forward to sharing around the table of thanks with you guys today.....also, today, I got Melonie and I have no clue what it means...except that I'm to pick out 5 people to tag them, and you were one of them :-)