Saturday, November 17, 2007

Football is Fun (after I regain feeling in my feet)

At Red Mountain Community Church, we like football. So I decided to join in the festivities with the annual high school/college Turkey Bowl flag-football tournament. Turns out there's a lot of college/young adults that I've never even seen before who call Red Mountain their church. It was a good opportunity to meet some new people by chasing them down a field and grabbing flags off their pants.

I'll be honest, I'm not an avid football player. I never played in high school, and the most experience I have is playing Madden games for Playstation. My wife actually asked me last night if I even know how to play football. Kind of made me nervous.

So after scoring 2--or was it 3?--touchdowns in the only game my team won, I think I like football more. Turns out I'm halfway decent at catching a football and running frantically through the other team towards the end zone. (I was also told that I can jump really high for a skinny white guy). Sure, our team lost twice. But good times overall!

The only problem I have with football: it hurts. I can't really walk any more. We'll see how the junior high worship gathering goes tomorrow when I need a walker to get on stage to teach.

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  1. this is so funny!! i laughed quite a bit reading your post joel =)especially katie's question. if it makes your pride swell even more, mark said you rocked at football!!! that tells me everything. way to go baller.