Monday, November 5, 2007

I am now officially employed!

This morning at 8:15 in the morning I got a phone call. I did not answer the phone because I was laying in bed and thought that my throat would sound really groggy and scratchy. I listened to the message right away and it was the lady had been in contact with at the organization that I interviewed at on Friday. She left a message saying that she wanted to offer me the job!

So on Wednesday I am going to be going in to Food for the Hungry, a non-profit relief and development organization to fill out paper work so that on Thursday and Friday I can go to a new employee training so that I can start on Monday as their new Child Sponsorship Advocate. I am really excited about this job, I have been looking at this organization for months now and hoping to work there. I will be working part time which is a blessing, Joel and I have been talking about this being a possibility for awhile now. I will have Fridays off, the same day that Joel has off. I just wanted to update everyone with the newest on the job front. The search is over. For both Joel and I at this time in our lives. I cannot believe that God has brought us to this place. Joel is working in a church that is doing exciting things and where he is able to pour out his life into students. I now work at an organization that is making a difference around the world in the lives of so many. If you want to check out what Food for the Hungry does and what they are about, look at their website at I will be working in their Child Sponsorship department and my main tasks will be processing and reading letters from sponsors to children and letters from children to sponsors. They will come to my desk from all around the world ready to be sent off to their final destination. I will also be helping to keep track of sponsors and children in variety of different ways. I am absolutely excited about this opportunity that the Lord has given to both Joel and I. I feel so blessed and happy in this moment.

Ok, now I have to float back to earth and get a bunch of stuff done. Now the clock is ticking! I only have a few more days of free time. Better get going! Thanks everyone for your prayers. The Lord has answered, and I have been so blessed!


  1. God is awesome!!! I am so excited for you Katie! Congratulations.

  2. Yay, Katie!!! I'm SO happy for you!!! That is awesome and sounds like a fantastic job! God is good!!

  3. Congrats Katie I'm Thrilled for you, Now even you have a ministry to focus upon beside coming along side of Joel God is good Peggy