Tuesday, November 6, 2007

I Heart Global Support Mission

One of my friends, Brady Keeling, helped start up a non-profit organization called Global Support Mission. GSM has a vision to end extreme povertry through a movement of compassion and love. GSM is working mainly in Uganda helping an orphanage using microeconomics. Teams from the U.S. partner with GSM by using creative methods--such as a dodgeball extravaganza--to raise funds and awareness to help those in need.

I love that GSM values connecting people in the States with those they are helping in Uganda. I love that they are a group of people my age who are making a difference in our world. I also love their values of creativity and compassion. Also, their website is one of the most aesthetically awesome non-profit sites I've ever encountered.

I am hoping to partner with GSM through the junior high ministry here at Red Mountain. What would it look like if junior high students caught the vision of helping a community of people in Africa? What if junior high students--and entire churches--took Matthew 25 seriously? How would the world be changed if rich families from Arizona built loving relationships with Ugandan people in povertry? What if a movement of compassion helped wipe out poverty in the name of Jesus? How would our world be changed?

Check out Global Support Mission and pray for compassion for those in need.

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