Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Making healthy changes

Recently, we changed the name of the student ministries here at Red Mountain. It was originally Crossfire, which brings up images of burning crosses. We are now The Well.

For the next six weeks, I'll be unpacking what our name change really means in a series called "The Well: who we are becoming." It can be really easy to change aspects of ministry without any clear purpose. We could have just changed the name because we thought The Well sounded cooler than Crossfire (which it does!). But I want to be intentional about every change I make in ministry. It's easy to change for the sake of change; it's much harder--but better--to change for the sake of renewal and health.

I'll be talking about our change of name as a change of identity. Junior high students are in a process of identity formation. We are in exactly the same place at The Well. I'll be painting a picture of who we could be, of where God is leading us, and of what we value as a community of students all on a journey towards being more like Jesus.

The Well is a place of refreshment and renewal. I'm excited to see our staff and students catch on to the vision!

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