Monday, November 5, 2007

Making the most of an almost-wasted day

Last year, I went on a week-long service trip with Hinson Church's high school students to Idaho. I drove my car--a 2002 Saturn--on the trip, with the intention of driving back early with one student (Bondon Kawamoto, a super stud). So while on this trip, my car's ignition decided to freeze up and stop working. I couldn't physically turn the key in the ignition without lots of brute force and frustration. So upon my return to Portland, I had it fixed. Or so I thought....

A little over a year later--just past the supposed warranty on any new ignition--the ignition froze up again today. (Thank you, Mark, for saving me and my wife from the Port Of Subs parking lot!). So much for paying 100 bucks to fix it a year ago.

Katie and I had a fun time hanging out in Saturn of Tempe's waiting area all afternoon while my car got fixed. She beat me at a round of Phase 10, and I finished another chapter in Branded. We cleaned out our wallets/purses of old library cards and student IDs, changed our car insurance over to Arizona, and enjoyed free cups of coffee.

What could have been a wasted day turned out to be some quality time with my wife. Good times.

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