Friday, November 9, 2007

I work at Red Mountain.... No, the other one!

I had a meeting scheduled this morning to meet a potential junior high staff member. She contacted me via email and we set up a time to talk about serving in the youth ministry at Red Mountain. She called me this morning, trying to find me. I walked outside and stood in front of the main building. She said she was standing in front of the main building too. I looked around the empty parking lot. Then it hit me:

We were talking about different Red Mountains.

She attends Red Mountain Christian Center. I serve at Red Mountain Community Church. They are about 3 miles apart here in Mesa. Turns out there's also a Red Mountain United Methodist Church about a mile away from both.

So there are two RMCCs here in Mesa. And you've got to be careful when answering the question, "So, where do you go to church?" You can't just say, "Red Mountain." That could mean anywhere!

Here is where I work: Red Mountain Community Church

Here is where I don't work: Red Mountain Christian Center and Red Mountain UMC

Thankfully, God's kingdom is big enough for three Red Mountains. Maybe even four.

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