Monday, November 26, 2007

New blog for The Well

I just created a new student ministries blog for The Well here at Red Mountain Community Church.

I am more and more convinced that blogs are awesome tools for ministry. It's like having an easy-to-use website for your ministry. You can communicate news, cast vision, give updates, and reach out to the online world. As Brian Bailey says in The Blogging Church, you can share your church's story.

Plus, it's free. You can't beat free.

Check out The Well Student Ministries blog. Or click on the link on the right.

1 comment:

  1. Joel and Katie! I hope you had a great thanksgiving! Glad to see you got a couple of "lazy Days" to relax! Joel, way to go on the blog for the Well! I think it is a pretty sweet idea! You are the man and i am proud of you! Oh and you are wasting me at Scrabulous! Ouch! Hey have you listened to my sermon? Just check it out.

    Love you man!