Monday, November 26, 2007

Not a Coincidence

There are times in life when someone inadvertently and unknowingly speaks to the exact situation you are going through, as if they knew just what you needed to hear.

In the past, hearing the phrase "staff meeting" would cause me a similar emotional response as "traffic jam" or "credit card bill due." But I have to say that the pastoral staff meetings have been a personal blessing for me. Particularly today, where many of the pastoral staff happened to share about what God has been teaching them. Like about having patience in ministry, being willing to wait for God to change people instead of forcing it by myself. Or seeing joy in all situations, especially those that seem less joyful. Or the need for spiritual renewal to be effective in life and ministry.

Casual conversation subtly changed into a paradigm shift. It was the body of Christ effectively working at building up and encouraging one of its members. God reminded me of the truths I needed to remember--especially that my effectiveness in ministry is directly connected to my reliance upon and relationship with Jesus.

Maybe not every future staff meeting will be a personal blessing. But today was, and I don't think it was coincidence.

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