Friday, November 16, 2007

One Hundred Young Americans

I read a blog about youth culture called YPulse that recently had an interview with photographer Michael Franzini about a recent book called One Hundred Young Americans. The book shows portraits of 100 different teens from all over the country. The diversity represented in the book is absolutely astounding--youth culture has become an eclectic mix of so many different values, beliefs, styles, and symbols.

I went to Borders today to check out the book to see if it was worth purchasing. Katie and I ended up flipping through the book for 15 minutes, just fascinated with the images and stories of each teen life. After debating about purchasing it on Amazon, we had to just buy it. We couldn't go home without it.

As someone who cares deeply about youth, this book just hits me to the core. I'm looking at a picture of Jon right now, a 19-year-old white supremacist from California who attempted suicide at age 8. The next page is Delino, a 14-year-old black freshman baseball prodigy from Georgia with estranged parents. A few pages later is Alison, a 14-year-old blonde water-skier from Minnesota who absolutely loves life. I can't help but imagine the millions of other stories teens around the country--and the world--could tell us. The book paints a picture of American youth culture through images and personal stories.

You can check out One Hundred Young Americans here.


  1. sounds like an interesting book!it really shows how deep your love for teens is. very cool.

  2. just got back from barnes + noble and got a copy of this amazing book. the stories these kids tell are truly remarkable. not sure it is appropriate for tweens, but i will be giving it this christmas to a number of high-schoolers on my list.